2017 ECC Art Award: Joseph Kosuth
In 2017 the ECC Award for Art was awarded to Joseph Kosuth (USA) for his lifelong dedication to create Meaning with contemporary art. 
Joseph Kosuth is an American conceptual artist. In his works Kosuth gives special prominence to language. Kosuth explores the semiotics, communication and meaning processes. His art generally strives to explore the nature of art rather than producing what is traditionally called "art".


2017 ECC Design Award: Oki Sato
In 2017 the ECC Award for Design was awarded to Oki Sato, Studio Nendo (JPN) for his contribution to the world of Design.
Oki Sato is a Japanese designer and architect. He is the head of the design office “Nendo". His wide range of works includes product design, interior design, architecture, graphic design and corporate branding.
Their bookcases have a central place in an architectural cabinet program consisting of several Collar ‘building blocks’. Cabinets with doors, drawers, small, bigger, to be placed on the floor or mounted to the wall. All with the possibility to be placed stand alone or as beautiful graphical compositions. With tranquil colors or with more outspoken combinations.